Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Powerlinez. What a special place. I was happy to be part of the scene back in the day before moving to San Fran! In fact, its probably one of the top two things I miss most about the East coast. I only wish I could have been around longer to help more with the advancement of the guidebook (and further bagging and naming of first ascents).

Here is a blast from the past. Note date stamp (October 07, 2006). I think this was about 2 weeks in our full assault; giddy energy resulting in things like "look ma no hands," "the run up" and most importantly the "zzzzzzzzzzz" in the linez.

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  1. Yeah, great days Peter, remember finding the Johnny Cash boulder, you hitting the guidebook cover shot, no spot because I was up top taking the pics!