Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Back to the Wall 5.7 G ***

Dave and I got the chance to get out on the 16th, and what could have just been a nice day turned into a three star route.

I lured Dave out to the 'Linez with the promise of an FA, but when he saw the line he wised up, twice,  on pitch one and two.  Well,  what can I say - it looked do-able, and it proved to be exactly that.

The climb starts just left of No Rest for the Wicked,  behind the giant Shark's Tooth boulder, and follows some wandering cracks.  Up high, the crux delivered on exposure, while you're pulling pretty hard on these crazy lobes!

Dave is saying 5.8,  but I think it would make a Gunks sandbag at 5.7,  and we'll see what other people have to say!