Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ascending the Ent

Here's another example of the great moderate bouldering problems at the 'Linez.
On June 28, 2009 my son and I were at the 'Linez looking to do some moderates.
We hiked out a bit left and found this moderate gem that my son sent first shot out of the barn.
He named it "Ascending the Ent."

Head straight up the crack and gain the first horizontal.  Then go either right or left around "The Ent"and up the cracks to a final mantle on slopers to the top. (15 feet V0-V1 [height related---harder if short])
Here's Dev at the first horizontal after climbing the crack.

Dev at the big horizontal heading to the slopers and top.


  1. So, how can the rest of us find our way to this 'moderate gem?' Or is that still a secret?

  2. No secret. Follow the carriage road all the way left without leaving it until it ends. Then walk straight back until the first 3rd class slot on the right, climb the slot to the next "step" and walk about 100 feet. It's on your right, about 50 feet past a prominent ledge.

  3. Ok. Next time I'm out I will try these directions. I think each step is about 3 ft, and I'll keep the pace-count!