Thursday, February 2, 2012

Powerlinez Access Denied

Based on the following article,  the Palisades Interstate Park Committee is planning to enforce its no climbing policy on the Powerlinez.

Power Struggle Over the Powerlinez

The author, Joseph Caravaglia, reports that:  'that climbers caught in the area will “be escorted off the premises by park police, although the area will remain available for hikers.” Signs and fences are scheduled to be placed throughout the property, and failure to adhere to the new mandate (repeat offenders) may face steep fines instead of steep faces.'

The Torne Valley Coalition of climbers met 1 Feb 11, to discuss the issue and made the following statement:

Climbing is currently prohibited in 95% of the Powerlinez. We are pursuing legal access and any unauthorized climbing will impact that effort in a negative way.  We are definitely soliciting the support of the entire climbing community and welcome any contributions and suggestions you have.  Finally,  remember that many park officials will visit this site, and what is said will be read by them, and unfair characterizations may hurt our cause.