Thursday, July 5, 2012

Paint Sludge at the Powerlinez

Paint sludge in the Torne Valley.
As the TVCC (Torne Valley Climbers Coalition) continues to work toward the goal of opening access at the Powerlinez, (Yes, it is still closed and the TVCC is making progress)  there are some key issues to highlight that will effect access and use in the future.

On the top of that list,  is the fact that the area has been used as a dumping ground for excess paint sludge.  The paint sludge pictured here lies just off Torne Valley Road, by the new Ramapo Saltbox Environmental Research Center. (ERC). 

One such sludge deposit lies right off the access path by the turn-a-round used for parking by climbers,  and there are many more in the valley.  Odds are,  if you've hiked or climbed around the Powerlinez,  then you've walked over and around the paint sludge.

The paint sludge came from a Ford Plant that was operating in Mahwah,  and there have been countless articles: NJ Record Article and an HBO documentary titled Ford vs. Mann about it's toxicity and pollution. 

Environmentalists have been fighting for clean-up for years and they still need our support.  Ford dumped the sludge there because they thought no one would notice,  and the corporation has been very effective in evading its responsibilities.  If climbers are allowed to use the area,  we can definitely raise awareness and continue to point out the obvious:  the Torne Valley is dangerously polluted with paint sludge.