Thursday, May 16, 2013

TRAIL DAY - Saturday, May 25!



9:00 AM Saturday,  May 25th
Meet:  The Powerlinez Access Path
intersection of Torne Brook/Torne Valley Rd

Congratulations to the Torne Valley Climbers Coalition and everyone who contributed to bringing this beloved climbing area back to life. They fought hard to have this area re-opened, now it's your turn to help out!

During this volunteer day, we will mark trails, clean debris and fallen trees, pick up garbage and make landing areas safer. After putting in a fair share of work, everyone will have an opportunity to learn the area and climb climb climb.

For those of you who have not heard of this gem, it's a gem. View some pictures, learn more about the area, and come join us for a great day of trail work!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Torne Valley Climbing is Open!!

The TVCC, over the last 18 months, worked closely with the Palisades Interstate Parks Commission to develop a climbing management plan for the Torne Valley Section of Harriman State Park.  On May 1, 2013 that plan went into effect making climbing legal in the Torne Valley Section ONLY.  As of now, climbing is not permitted in any other part of PIPC park land except the Torne Valley Section and Peterskill.

In order to climb in the Torne Valley Section climbers must execute a waiver and a tear-off permit that must be carried with them.  There is no charge for the permit, and it is good for the year 2013. Waivers can be signed and permits obtained at both Gravity Vault climbing gym locations, as well as the New Jersey Rock Gym and Rock and Snow in New Paltz.

The regulations are listed on the signs pictured to the left, as well as listed on the waiver that climbers sign.

It is so important that we as climbers follow these regulations, and act as ambassadors for our sport.  Climbers have traditionally been environmental activists, and even though this part of Harriman State Park is not pristine wilderness, we must care for it as if it were.

PLEASE pack out everything you bring in, and carry an extra bag to pack out trash that others leave.

Climbing in this part of Harriman State Park is a privilege that can be revoked at any time, and the TVCC urges all climbers to follow the posted regulations at all times.

Now get out there!

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Congratulations to the Torne Valley Climber's Coalition,  and everyone who pulled in the right direction!

All you've got to do is sign a waiver and hand it in, and you'll get an annual permit that you can carry with you.  No fee. The waivers are now available at The Gravity Vault, and at Rock and Snow.

Please read the attached info and support this incredible opportunity.  We are the first area and group of climbers with which The Palisades Interstate Park Commission has partnered.  It's a real honor.  Stay informed and climb free!

Other Key Facts:
1.  Access Path Has Changed - It now goes up the dirt road by the river.  We do not have permission to use the old access path.
2.  Off Limits Boulders - we do not have permission to use the West End Wall, on the far West side of the Boulder Road,  before you get to the open swath (South) of the Powerlinez.
3.  No Bolts, Pitons, Chipping.  Clean climbing!

Basically think Peterskill with no fee,  read the attached Press Release, and THANKS

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Meeting of the TVCC (Torne Valley Climbers' Coalition)

Meeting Notice: the Torne Valley Climbers Coalition will have an informational meeting on April 17, 2013 starting promptly at 7PM at The Gravity Vault, Upper Saddle River (107 Pleasant Ave @ Rt. 17, Upper Saddle River NJ). The Torne Valley Climbing Management Plan will be discussed, as well as TVCC actions going forward. Hope to see you all there.