Friday, December 23, 2011

Thanks to the great bunch of people that came out for our inaugural meeting.  We covered a long list of topics from trails and parking to rattlesnakes and artifacts, and if I may,  the general consensus was to create a positive relationship with the land managers by planning ahead to reduce impact.  Happy Holidays,  Jon.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Gunks climbers stop by!

Here's the link to Jesse Littleton's blog:  Gunksterpuller  He really gets in a lot of climbing, and he and Andrew from Rock and Snow were able to stop in and enjoy some first ascents and projects.  The full text is contained below - thanks for the write-up Jesse,  and make sure to stop by his blog for some beta and insight into a lot of great areas!


So lately I've been putting a "z" or two on the end of blog post titles to be ironic and funny. But, actually, Powerlinez is the name of a climbing area. I just found out about it last ironic!!

Powerlinez is a climbing area about an hour south from the Gunks, just off of the Thruway. The rock there is a granitic gneiss, so it has a similar feel to the Adirondacks, except a little bit smaller and broken up cliffs. That and there is a bunch of good, worthwhile bouldering. Most of the climbing is under some pretty heavy duty power lines...hence the IRONIC@!@11!

We started with some bouldering and warming up at the first little spot, which was only a few minutes from the car. We did a fun little dynamic V3 and then moved over to some tall cracks with some exciting top outs. Then we went over to a slab-ish arete kind of thing. It probably goes at something like V4. It was really good. I got it second try.

Andrew "near the top."

After that we went uphill a little bit and roped up at the Stockade Cliff. There was a top-rope climb at the cliff called Crankenstein that hadn't been led yet, so Andrew and I rock/paper/sicissorzed and he won. He geared up and put the thing away. Very much fun. Bouldery off the ground, and then hero climbing to the top.

Andrew, just after the crux on Crankenstein.
Our friend John, author of the Powerlinez guidebook, was out with us, and he had a little project that he tried after Crankenstein. There's a horizontal feature that runs across most of the Stockade feature. And since we are all really Gunksterpullers, sideways travel is second nature. It's a really good line. It's got technical ballet feet and a range of good, decent and bad holds. Nice and long too, like close to 70 feet.

John on his traverse at the Stockade Cliff.

When we were done with the ropes, we all decided that we were kind of spent from the sunshine, so we moved back into the woods and did some more bouldering. It looks like there is a lot of sub-cliffs and smaller bands of rock. You could certainly get lost back there doing some exploring. Some cool stuff for sure.

Andrew ending the day with a sweet, dynamic, V3.
After that little bit of bouldering, we all decided that the sun beat us down, so we called it a day. All in all it was a fun day. Definitely worth the trip down to the Powerlinez. It's only a half-hour from New York City, so I bet Powerlinez is a good alternative to the Gunks if the weather is iffy, or maybe if the Gunks are gonna be busy for a local looking to get some time on rock.

Oh, and I forgot to mention...the weather was so good today! All the humidity got sucked out of the air last night, and the temperature dropped by at least ten degrees. That's the good stuff.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Thanks for the Trail and Climb Day Success!!!

 2 April 2010.   The first  Powerlinez Trail and Climb day was a terrific success, with many thanks going out to a core group of Linez locals, and everyone else who lent a hand or moved a rock as they came on through.
        If you haven't seen the new 'bridge' crossing,  take a look and you'll see the fine work that a couple of come-alongs, a chainsaw, and a sledge can do.  And right next to it is a new rock-hop stream crossing that was tested with a 2 1/2 year old in tow!
        Follow the Green Carabiner trail from there,  and you'll see a few fallen trees cut out of the way, and up at the High Electricity boulder, the prickers are cleared.
        Afterward the trail work,  we hung three ropes on the Papa Bear wall, and finished around the corner on 'Back to the Wall' and 'No Rest for the Wicked.'  Everyone agreed that the 'Linez were worth every bit of effort.  More pictures/video to come!
        Overall,  many many thanks are owed: to Jenny from the Access Fund,  Steve Knowlton,  Dave Barone and Sally,  Lucas, from the Gravity Vault, and Mike, and Mike jr.,  Dave Chauvin, Mike and Ralph, Billy Yago, and Tauni and Jono Crefeld.  Thanks for the spirit, contributions, and for taking care of the Powerlinez.  Jon Crefeld.

Monday, March 28, 2011


This has already been a busier Spring than ever at the 'Linez,  and this will be a great chance to introduce a friend, meet a new one, and show off your FA! (Spray!) We are supported by the Access Fund, and we will have some swag to raffle off!

We meet at the The Gravity Vault, 107 Pleasant Ave @ Rt. 17 N Upper Saddle River, NJ 0745 at 9 am,  and we will work/climb until approximately 3 pm.  Bring work gloves, tools, climbing shoes and gear.  I'll have a chain saw, (there's one log on the path from the parking lot)  machete and some shovels,  and if you have a favorite power tool,  within reason,  it might come in handy. Can't wait to see you! Access Fund Post

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

'Shirts Off' Weather!

A 50°F day at the Powerlinez can be 'shirts off' weather, and so the season is crashing upon us!  I don't know about you, but I'm catching the bug like Mid-east Democracy.
         Let us realize, though, that this year is going bring some challenges.  Thanks to yours truly, ahem, The 'Powerlinez' guidebook is on sale at The Gravity Vault, Rock and Snow, and Brooklyn Boulders. So, it would be reasonable and prudent to expect more climbers and boulderers.
         It's probably time for a plan.  A Climbing Management Plan as they call it over at the Access Fund site.  And I know what you're thinking, "That sounds like about as much fun as carrying water in paper bags." Right?  
      Hold that thought.  Ever been part of a bouldering party?  Top-rope party?  FA Party?  Party is an appropriate word.  Now, the way I see it, a Climbing Management Plan is our way of throwing a great party.  It is truly our party plan, and how we make sure we can host the best, sustainable climbing and bouldering party on the planet.  Now, there's some deep, big picture, thoughts.  Meditate on that for a bit, and we'll work something out.  Jon.