Monday, January 13, 2014

TVCC Wins 2013 Access Fund Sharp End Award!

The TVCC Executive Committee is pleased and proud to announce that TVCC is the recipient of a 2013 Sharp End Award from the Access Fund for the work done over nearly 18 months to get climber access established at the Powerlinez.

Patient, persistent and cooperative efforts led to establishing climber access in the Torne--the only site in Harriman State Park where climbing is permitted.  Now we as climbers must do everything we can to keep access by taking care of the places we love.

Sharp End Award - Torne Valley Climbers Coalition
Access Fund is pleased to recognize the Torne Valley Climbers Coalition (TVCC) for their exemplary grassroots organizing and advocacy which successfully reopened the Powerlinez climbing area in Torne Valley, New York. Powerlinez was closed in 2011 due to concerns about increased climbing use from the area’s multiple landowners. A core team of individuals formed TVCC and began working with the local climbing community and Powerlinez’ three landowners. Each TVCC leader brought important skills to bear on the effort. TVCC’s patient, professional, and cooperative approach reopened Powerlinez in 2012 and serves as a model for successful grassroots climbing advocacy. Congratulations, TVCC!. (

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