Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Water water everywhere, spring rockfall and new projects!

Got out for 6 hours of hiking and some top-rope soloing on Friday, April 2.  Oh--and some swimming...there were lakes and watercourses where I had never seen them before.
Many of the third class slots were filled with gushing water and the approach trails were mostly mud.  The slabs right after the the carriage road were covered in muddy water and debris from the storms, and by the time I hit the base of the Tower Wall it looked like I had mud boots on!

As I walked along the Tower Wall and the Good Book Wall it was clear that there had been some significant spring rockfall. Looks like the start of the entrance to the Mines of Moria!

Worked my way over to Jon and Dave's new project and checked it out on on rappel.  Shots from the top below.

 Then off I went in search of some new Spring projects.  Ideas below:

Hopefully it will dry out this week and I can get down to sending.

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